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Mobile Incident Reporting

Improve data collection

Real-time access to reports

Minimal user training

Work offline

Your Forms, Our Software

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Automated Workflow

Paperless approval-rejection

Eliminate paper

Shorten turnaround time

Reduce costly mistakes

Eliminate lost reports

Actionable Data

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Identify trends early

Proactive safety measures

Audit trail of user actions

Increase your bottom line


Data Input Methods

Presynct accommodates the most commonly used and effective data input methods, we understand that no single method works best for all organizations.

Forms-Based Data Entry

Unique forms-based data entry that includes business logic which you can customize to your specific requirements. Users can look up information from within the form-editing environment.


Your incident forms are duplicated in our software so that users can create and approve incident reports that look and feel the same as your legacy forms — except that now the data will be in digital form.

Digital Workflow

With your report data in digital form, the workflow automation offers multiple levels of paperless approval-rejection processing. Upon final approval, the finalized report (.pdf) can be distributed within the organization or to external resources as needed.

Daily Activity Reporting

Improve efficiency and keep track of all data using our Daily Activity Reporting Feature. All data is stored in the central database for easy analysis, reporting and DAR distribution internally or externally.

User Roles

Presynct allows you to create, process, distribute, store, archive and instantly retrieve your reports. Abilites depend on your role and assigned permissions.

Presynct’s NoteM8

With our market-proven forms-based automated field reporting, you get the best mobile incident reporting available.

With NoteM8, users write reports in the field with minimal training. Users have the ability to write reports while off-line.

Security Breaches

One police department in Arizona was faced with handwritten forms that were hard to read, created significant delays in filling out the forms, were not timely filed in their systems, and caused security breaches due to the paper forms. They turned to Presynct Technologies for answers.
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One landscaping company needed to arm their customer service agents with data in real time, to update clients and ensure a smooth customer support experience. Using Presynct_OnDemand on their Galaxy tablets solved their initial problem and enhanced their overall business operation.
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Budget Cuts

Another security department was facing budget cuts which meant reducing their data entry staff and using an antiquated and unsupported report writing system. Presynct got them digital quickly and within budget using digital versions of their forms in Presynct and minimal user training.
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What Our Customers Say

Popular with hospitality and retail risk management, private security companies, police and as a value-add for sharing reports in real-time with colleagues and customers.


Eliminated A Lot of Waste

We implemented Presynct as part of our “Go Green” initiative. We’ve eliminated a lot of waste with Presynct and saved a lot of money by not having to buy printer paper and cartridges. And no more making multiple paper copies of our incident reports and distributing them in paper. We e-distribute right from Presynct!…Read More

Security Director, Retail Center Complex


Exceeded My Expectations

This product has exceeded my expectations. As a prior law enforcement officer, I had familiarity with several incident reporting products. Presynct is superior to other products…the Forms Designer has enabled us to create and customize forms, eliminating our dependence upon paper and physical storage space.…Read More

Federal Protective Force Operations Manager

Presynct’s Mission

Our mission is to provide easy to use data entry solutions to users who don’t enjoy entering data. Because let’s be honest, nobody enjoys entering data.