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Reporting and Case Management

What's In a Name

Webster’s defines precinct as part of a territory with definite bounds or functions. A precinct is often established for administrative or election purposes, police control, building enclosure, sphere of thought, action, or influence. Presynct Technologies is the software company with a mission to eliminate paper in the back office with simple, intuitive technology that works. We facilitate the administration of precinct information. Tim and Evelyn started out with a San Francisco Bay Area Sheriff’s Department. Over time, local and national police and sheriff’s departments came on board and the rest, as they say, is history.

What's Our Story

Once upon a time, long ago in a nearby universe, there were Systems and paper forms everywhere. Along came Presynct with a way to use forms without the paper. Soon after, Wizard arrived and plied its wares with "You don't need a form, you just need questions." Then Others came claiming "We have a better way, but you must use our form." Sad but true – Systems told Customers "We don't care, you must do it our way." Wizard went away. Others went away. Did Presynct go away, too? Heck, no! Presynct continues to get rid of paper better than anyone else and keeps doing it better.

Starting Out

Presynct was founded in 2003 by entrepreneurial visionaries Evelyn Graham and Tim Pakes. The goal was to solve an urgent need around incident reporting in law enforcement. In 2004, the Engineering team launched an incident reporting workflow solution for a local Bay Area Sheriff’s Department. The software was so successful that Presynct took it to market and gained quick acceptance in the law enforcement community. Tim and Evelyn were pioneers in electronic forms-based incident reporting. The idea was to give field personnel familiar tools to ensure accurate data. Your Forms, Our Software!

Growing Up

Presynct’s law enforcement users quickly expanded to safety and security officers in hotel and mall security. And soon it was all paper-bound organizations looking for automated reporting and case management – retail stores, tribal police, state fairs, homeowner associations, amusement parks, landscapers. We’re excited and grateful to work with so many great customers! It’s the people part that gives us the greatest pleasure. We continue to innovate and excel by never forgetting we’re in the business of helping customers succeed.  We do it Your Way!

Your Employees Will Love You!

Why Presynct?

We make paper disappear! Thousands of users rely on Presynct and NoteM8 mobile to track, store, and analyze incident and case management data - electronically. Hear it from our Customers. “Presynct took us paperless with automated workflow…ROI was +/-9 months, personnel savings $300,000 a year.” (Police Captain)  And, “With installations in 9 different locations, it sometimes seems the user calls are coming in from every direction. Presynct has continued to be an excellent resource to both our officers and our system administrator throughout the entire process.” (Tech Services Admin)