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Investigation Management Reporting

About Us

Corporate History

Presynct Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2003 by entrepreneurial visionaries Evelyn Graham and Tim Pakes. Their goal was to solve an urgent need around incident reporting in the public safety sector. They continue to innovate and excel by never forgetting they are in business to help their customers succeed.

Tim and Evelyn were pioneers in electronic forms-based incident reporting. Hence the company motto, Your Forms, Our Software! In 2004, Presynct’s engineering team built an incident report workflow solution for a local law enforcement agency. The software was designed to report and track incidents, ensure data security, and analyze incident data to improve field operations.

Today, thousands of users rely on Presynct to track, store, and analyze incident and case management data every day. LEOs and security officers in public safety, hotel and mall security, homeowner associations, amusement parks, retail stores, tribal police, and others use Presynct and Presynct_OnDemand.

One Presynct customer in Federal Protective Force Operations summed it up perfectly:

“This product has exceeded my expectations. As a prior law enforcement officer, I had familiarity with several incident reporting products. Presynct is superior to other products because of their willingness to offer a customizable solution to meet your organizational needs. In addition to their exemplary customer service directed by Tim Pakes, the Forms Designer has enabled us to create and customize forms, eliminating our dependence upon paper and physical storage space."

Presynct Mission

Eliminate paper in the back office with simple, intuitive technology that works.