As a business owner, you know that good customer service is of the utmost importance. Your customer base is essential. Without a strong customer base, your business will die. That is why you must prioritize providing service that will keep your customers returning to your business for years to come. Excellent customer service can make the difference between a thriving business and a dying one, and it costs nothing. Therefore, you should invest time and energy into ensuring that you and your employees go above and beyond for your customers. Here are some tips for providing superior customer service.

Prioritize clear communication

The way you communicate with your customers makes a difference. Prioritize using the right tone and phrasing with customers. Take care not to be passive-aggressive or use too much complicated jargon. Everything you express to your customer should be clear, concise, conversational, and communicate how much you care. Don’t send automated emails that sound too formal; use a tone that, while professional, is still friendly and casual.

Keep it positive

When you keep your phrasing positive, it prevents frustration and miscommunication. For example, let’s say you found out that a product your customer ordered is no longer available and won’t be for another month. Instead of saying, “we can’t get you that product; it is unavailable,” reframe the statement to be positive. You could say, “that product will be available to you next month, and we will have it shipped as soon as it is available.” This simple change makes a world of difference in how positively a customer feels about an interaction.

Listen to your customers

When you encounter an angry customer, it can be easy to dismiss them as irrational. However, the job of customer service is to discern valuable feedback from every interaction. Stay calm and consistent in tone, and keep the conversation focused on the dilemma at hand. Do what you can to problem solve, and an angry customer could turn into a loyal one.

Use the right tools and information

For your customer service team to really thrive, they need to have instant access to all the pertinent information they need. Using a cloud-based data entry software such as Presynct_OnDemand allows your representatives to instantly access what they need to provide customers with excellent service, such as up-to-date product information or data on the specific customer. Providing your customer service team with the right tools automatically allows them to go above and beyond for your customers. If you’re interested in using our data entry software, contact us for a demo today.