Reporting situations in the workplace used to be a time-consuming, paper-filled process that required multiple forms to be filled out for each incident. These forms needed to be updated by hand as information or statuses changed. With the advent of cloud computing, incident reporting has become easier than ever before. Presynct Technologies has developed a fully customizable incident reporting software that can be tailored to suit your business’s needs. Incident reporting software is a fantastic addition to any retail store, big or small. Here are a few of the benefits of using incident reporting software rather than relying on tedious paper forms.

Solution for Every Incident

From theft incidents in the store to simple slip and fall injury reports, incident reporting software keeps track of everything. Different forms for different incidents are stored in the cloud and can be accessed quickly and easily by anyone on your staff who needs them, making it simple for the first person to respond to an incident to quickly file a report. There’s no need to maintain a filing cabinet for multiple forms.

Easy to Use

Incident reporting software is designed to be easy for your staff to use. A program that requires detailed and in-depth training won’t be as useful as one that relies on intuitive menus and design. The software is created with both your business and your staff in mind while maintaining a simplicity that rivals pulling a form from a labeled file.

Simple to Update

Any changes to the incident can be updated via the cloud in real time. For example, accident reporting for injuries sustained by employees at work, or customers injuring themselves in the store can be updated based on any medical treatment received. If further action is required, the cloud maintains a timeline of events, should you ever need to review the information. This gives everyone involved a clear idea of the whole picture at all times and allows for incident review whenever it is necessary.

Simple to Implement Investigative Tools

Linking the incident reporting software to your security footage allows the system to review footage for any missing details. This makes theft investigation simple and allows for the identification of problem areas in the facility. This makes creating a timeline of the incident simple and easy. If items are recovered, the incident can be updated to reflect those changes, providing a detailed and updated picture of the store’s inventory.

Helps Facilitate Change

When businesses are able to analyze and track incidents in their facility, they can better understand potential problem areas. In the event of a theft, they can understand where things need to change and what measures will improve security. In incidents that involve injuries, the business can better review and understand potential safety hazards that may otherwise go unnoticed. Incident reporting software, customized to your business, will better allow your company to make the appropriate changes in order to improve the effectiveness of its whole operation.