We understand–implementing new technology in the workplace can seem daunting to many businesses who feel comfortable utilizing the methods they’re familiar with. However, with changes in technology, new ways to improve workplace efficiency are constantly being developed. This means that changes will eventually come to your business, but it’s up to you to implement them. Inevitably, you’ll encounter some resistance and many concerns. Here are a few tips to help your staff adjust to adding workflow management software to your process:

Listen to Them

No one likes being told to do something just for the sake of doing it. Employees are happier when they feel as though they have been listened to and that their concerns have been addressed. Simply letting them voice their concerns can go a long way towards improving morale when implementing a new system. Be sure to explain why you’re implementing the process and offer training on the new system.


With new systems, there is always a learning curve. Training should always be provided when you bring a new program or workflow solution into the business. Let them help each other after the initial training is complete; this will reinforce team bonds while also creating an air of collaboration among your employees. That said, if your employees are still confused by the software, consider offering extra training sessions to clarify any issues that may come up.

Mistakes Happen

In the early stages of implementing a new software program or work method, mistakes will happen frequently. This is normal and should be expected. If your employees are making mistakes, be understanding, especially at the beginning. If many people are struggling with one specific area of the software, it may mean further changes need to be implemented to streamline the software.

Be Understanding

Remember, many of your employees have worked with the same processes for a while and change can be difficult. Be patient and understand that it takes time to adjust to a new system. Examine the tools you have given them to make the adjustment easier and add to them if need be.

Change isn’t Optional

When you implement a new program, make sure your staff understands that it is not an optional change. Everyone is expected to be trained and adhere to the new rules and processes. Prior to implementing the workflow management software, explain fully how the programs will simplify their work and streamline the process. Individuals are often more willing to accept change if they understand why it’s being done.


Implementing a new process or workflow management software can be daunting. Be understanding of your employee’s concerns and explain that the software is in place to make their jobs easier. The more flexible and understanding you can be, the easier the transition to a new system will be for your staff.