3 Ways to Take Your Daily Activity Report to the Next Level

The DAR (Daily Activity Report) is an essential report in a variety of industries including security, law enforcement, hospitality, and more. What is a Daily Activity Report? A DAR is an accounting of activities and events occurring throughout the day. Each employee records his or her start and end shift times, along with daily activities. Although the daily activity report also records incidents that occur each day, it is not the same as an incident report. The DAR records the … Read more

The Security Guard Daily Activity Template

Security officers write a daily activity report that remains a part of the security company records. It can be used as evidence in case of any disputes or issues of liability. Never underestimate the importance of writing a clear, concise daily activity report (DAR). Discover how to write an outstanding report every shift: Importance of the Daily Activity Report  The daily activity report represents the security guards’ daily shift report. Each security officer completes the DAR, filling in the details … Read more


The average mall plays host to thousands of customers browsing many different stores on a daily basis. Ensuring customer safety and guarding against theft is the responsibility of the mall security team. Security officers are trained to identify and respond to problems. They need a way to accurately track and effectively manage incidents for reporting purposes. Specialized reporting and case management software benefits your mall. It makes the security team more effective. Single-System Management One of the many benefits of … Read more


How do you put a solid process in place that tracks incidents and manages investigations? How do you identify  security incident reporting trends? How do you create workable solutions to problems? Start with electronic workflow! Paperless software solutions give you an edge. Electronic workflow eliminates lost incident reports. Accurately recording events from beginning to end streamlines security operations and ensures all information is documented. How much more valuable is the security guard or the concierge when events are handled according to … Read more