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Security officers write a daily activity report that remains a part of the security company records. It can be used as evidence in case of any disputes or issues of liability. Take your Daily Activity Log to the Next Level Discover a more effective, paperless way to keep a record of your daily activity with our Incident Report (IR) Template.

How to Write an Effective Security Report

[Updated July 9, 2019] Writing an effective incident report is crucial to any business or agency, whether the organization is a small agency or a large corporation. Rules and regulations require that business owners, law enforcement officials, and corporate management teams protect their employees, customers, and guests. The regulations also protect the organization from unnecessary litigation, claims, and fines. Having an incident reporting procedure in place helps provide strong evidence when security departments, management teams, and others need to provide … Read more


​As security services and law enforcement managers, you struggle with challenges every day. Maybe yours is one of the 71 challenges that organizations face every day, such as: Goals don’t meet target. Employees don’t always work well together. Managers constantly compete with each other. Awesome candidate rejected the job offer. Download the checklist. Identify your challenges and take the first step to resolving them. There are 71 potential challenges in the checklist. It’s a great exercise to go through whether … Read more

CASE STUDY | Data Entry Platform

Download Case Study Now Discover how one agency uses SaaS best-of-breed data entry, data collection platform as a front end tool for an integrated records/document management system. Environment:  Small agency, 15 officers, off-site Records Management System (RMS), outside contract for dispatch, no in-house IT staff, and no budget to buy a system. Legacy report writing system crashed. Goals for replacement software – web-based for in-house and mobile access in the field, fast implementation, reliable hosted solution, and affordable within existing … Read more


When purchasing software for your business, the question that frequently comes up is whether to purchase a fully-integrated (FI) system or best-of-breed (BB) applications. It’s a serious question that bears due consideration before purchasing software. The decision used to be between buy or build a system.  But the proliferation of Cloud applications muddies the water a bit. This article attempts to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of FI and BB with the goal of helping you decide which approach is … Read more


What do law enforcement, hospitality, private security, healthcare, and retail industries all have in common? Each of them needs a way to record incidents of unlawful behavior, property damage and injury. Think also airports, sports stadiums, schools and colleges, ocean liners, casinos, airlines…the list goes on. But there’s a problem: Incident reporting involves a lot of data entry—the who, what, when, where and countless other details of the incident. Here are five things to look for in a 21st century … Read more


When you are running a business, you want your workforce operations to be efficient and effective. However, this is easier said than done. It’s typical for productivity to ebb and flow when there isn’t a proper workflow automation system in place. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to increase productivity and improve your workflow management. Delegate more responsibilities When your employees are already slowing in the productivity department, it may be against your instinct to give them more responsibility. … Read more


A recent report* on moving paper forms to digital processes found that digitizing the processing, storing and maintaining of paper forms produces the greatest savings in employee costs. Before tablets and smartphones, a police officer would conduct interviews and take handwritten notes at the scene, and write the incident report when he/she got back to the office. Computers in the car improved this process, but they were awkward to use, ergonomically poor, and took the officer’s attention away from the … Read more


As a business owner, you know that good customer service is of the utmost importance. Your customer base is essential. Without a strong customer base, your business will die. That is why you must prioritize providing service that will keep your customers returning to your business for years to come. Excellent customer service can make the difference between a thriving business and a dying one, and it costs nothing. Therefore, you should invest time and energy into ensuring that you … Read more


While data entry isn’t the most fascinating part of running a business, it is an essential component that could cause a drastic improvement to your business processes. With so many different options for data entry software out there today, there are many ways you can collect, organize, analyze, and interpret data to the advantage of your business. The positive impact that data entry can have on a business is well-documented a. Here are some areas of your business that can … Read more