Companies have been moving from paper to “green” digital recordkeeping in almost every industry. They're saving on the cost of paper, improving search and retrieval of information (which saves time and money), helping the environment and, with proper security and backup systems in place, reducing the risk of lost data and security breaches.

Mobile workers have also been making the move to digital, and highway patrol officers are certainly one of the most mobile teams anywhere. Highway patrol is a stressful job. Officers report a range of on-the-job issues they face nearly every day. They range from minor annoyances and frustrations to serious emotional and physical challenges. For instance…

  • Occasionally having to leave a meal untouched when a call comes in
  • Having to work overtime filling out reports instead of being home with family
  • Pressure to meet administrative requirements without the tools to do it properly
  • Uncertainty; never knowing what's coming your way
  • Aggressive attitudes and behavior from motorists
  • Long and irregular hours that are hard on family life
  • Personnel shortages and vacancies weighing on morale
  • Losing officers in the line of duty
  • Witnessing loss of life on the highways
  • Making death notifications, often at night, and answering pain-filled questions

These on-the-job issues go along with almost every law enforcement job. Removing even one or two issues can make the job less stressful and easier for police everywhere. That's why we here at Presynct Technologies decided to support highway patrol officers by offering unlimited use of secure, online digital crash report forms.

Crash report forms are one of the most-used and complex reports that document every aspect of a traffic accident.  It can take twenty minutes or more to complete a report on paper. Walking with a clipboard in the rain—perhaps to measure skid marks—while filling in the blanks on paper forms makes the job even more time-consuming.

Now though, Presynct gives highway patrol officers the means to complete the report in the field—digitally—rather than after hours at the office. We’ve seen how digital crash forms can improve crash report accuracy through the use of our smart form technology. Fewer reports are rejected for errors or missing information, again saving time.

To begin moving your crash form reports from paper to digital, visit  Get your Free User ID. Write your Crash Reports online. Download, Print and Save Off-Line. We want to thank the men and women who keep our roads safe and would be glad to hear how this new system works for you.

If you’re a state trooper or highway patrol officer outside of California, ask us when your State forms will be available online!