A recent report* on moving paper forms to digital processes found that digitizing the processing, storing and maintaining of paper forms produces the greatest savings in employee costs.

Before tablets and smartphones, a police officer would conduct interviews and take handwritten notes at the scene, and write the incident report when he/she got back to the office. Computers in the car improved this process, but they were awkward to use, ergonomically poor, and took the officer’s attention away from the surrounding area activity.

Now mobile with smartphones and tablets, officers work efficiently and effectively in the field. Keying handwritten notes into a computer back at the office is a thing of the past. Writing reports on overtime at the end of a shift is minimized except in unusual circumstances.

When field force workers go mobile, they spend more time in the field and less time in the office. The incident data that is captured is more accurate and becomes actionable faster because the data is shared sooner rather than later.

Why not give your mobile field force the tools needed to do their job better? Give them mobile devices and software @noteM8 that offers electronic versions of paper forms. Add workflow to the mix @presynct and get an even bigger bang for your buck in labor cost savings.

*The ROI for Government of Going Digital Made Simple, IDC Government Insights, July 2016 https://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=US41559116