The average mall plays host to thousands of customers browsing many different stores on a daily basis. Ensuring customer safety and guarding against theft is the responsibility of the mall security team.

Security officers are trained to identify and respond to problems. They need a way to accurately track and effectively manage incidents for reporting purposes. Specialized reporting and case management software benefits your mall. It makes the security team more effective.

Single-System Management

One of the many benefits of incident reporting and case management software is single-system management of activity. Reporting software is designed to accommodate a full accounting of the incident. Security officers are more productive when the reporting workflow is electronic. With all pertinent information in one place, security personnel easily track the whole process electronically.

Improved Safety and Security

Prevention is the best approach to managing shoplifting and other security incidents in the mall. You get thorough analysis based on the facts when information is collected electronically. Planning is proactive rather than reactive. Protocols are put in place based on facts, not on recollections after-the-fact. Analysis reports generated on factual data offer insight into patterns that can be eliminated, managed, or planned for.

Accuracy and Pre-Planning

This type of highly accurate information gives your mall security staff the ability to enact countermeasures and protocols. Countermeasures significantly reduce the number of incidents occurring in your mall. Protocols give your security staff guidelines to follow. Weaknesses are addressed to make your property a safer and more pleasant place to shop.

Competitive Advantage

Technology is a competitive advantage in managing mall security. Retailers know their customers are safe. Customers come back when they know the mall property is a safe environment. Security motivates retailers to lease space in your mall. Safety motivates customers to patronize the shops in your mall. It's a win-win for everyone.

Incident reporting and case management software like Presynct_OnDemand allows you to investigate, track, and proactively plan to prevent incidents that compromise security, safety and profits. Consider using Presynct_OnDemand reporting and case management software today by starting with their no-cost Basic plan