What do law enforcement, hospitality, private security, healthcare, and retail industries all have in common? Each of them needs a way to record incidents of unlawful behavior, property damage and injury. Think also airports, sports stadiums, schools and colleges, ocean liners, casinos, airlines…the list goes on.

But there's a problem: Incident reporting involves a lot of data entry—the who, what, when, where and countless other details of the incident. Here are five things to look for in a 21st century software product.

Smart Forms

Smart forms are digital editions of the same paper forms your staff already use. Users aren't forced to change the way they work so user acceptance is quick and nearly trouble-free.  Drop-down menus in your forms make it easy to enter information accurately, speed up the data entry process, and eliminate unnecessary typing.  Dates, gender, address lookup, name index and other data points are entered with a single click.

Updating smart forms is easy. What's more important, though, is the built-in business logic that follows your specific workflow and reporting processes.


Workflow streamlines the review and approval process. Put away the red pencil you use to edit paper incident reports before sending them back for correction. Your software should define a workflow with a paperless review and approval/rejection process. Electronic workflow allows each report to be tracked start-to-finish through the system. And once approved, reports are archived for easy search and retrieval.

Data Analysis Tools

A robust reporting system gives you the big picture you need to take corrective action or proactively avoid dangerous events. When you have a searchable archive of standardized incident reports and all their supporting information, you are able to generate reports that show trends, provide meaningful statistics and point to incidents that occur more often than expected.


The days of returning to the office to fill out incident reporting forms is over. Using an app on your IOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) or Android device, you should be able to create a report wherever you are. Ideally, the app should include GPS locating, barcode scanning, and your smart forms. It should give mobile users a friendly mobile incident reporting and automated investigation workflow in the palm of their hand.

State of the Art

Finally, your software must accommodate the ever-changing technology that pervades the information technology industry. Cloud computing offers security and convenience for both small and large organizations. Software running in the cloud relieves you of the expense and responsibility of maintenance, upgrades, hardware failures, and staff to handle it all.

Discover More

Presynct_OnDemand addresses each one of these important points. You boost productivity and streamline your entire incident investigation and reporting cycle with Presynct_OnDemand. You have the option of installing the software on your local area network. You get paperless workflow that is environmentally responsible. Organizations using Presynct_OnDemand have written over 2.5M reports and counting!

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