The Security Guard Daily Activity Template

Security officers write a daily activity report that remains a part of the security company records. It can be used as evidence in case of any disputes or issues of liability.

Never underestimate the importance of writing a clear, concise daily activity report (DAR). Discover how to write an outstanding report every shift:

Importance of the Daily Activity Report 

The daily activity report represents the security guards’ daily shift report. Each security officer completes the DAR, filling in the details of activities and events that occur from the start of their shift until the end of the shift. It is a crucial report that requires exceptional writing and reporting skills.

There are several reasons that a daily activity report is important, including:

  • Documenting the time each security guard is on the site.
  • Revealing basic patrol details.
  • Potentially revealing maintenance and other potential security issues.
  • Representing professionalism on the part of security officers and the security company.
  • Serving as a permanent record of activities and events that occur on the premises.
    Revealing actions taken for each specific activity, event, and incident.
    Having the potential for making or breaking a legal case.

Learning to write a security guard daily activity report demonstrates that you understand the critical importance of this document, and shows your dedication to performing essential security officer duties.

Security Guard DAR Template

The template below demonstrates the information required of an outstanding daily activity report for security guards. Complete every section. Enter your name, date, shift start time, the site, and your specific department or area. Do not enter your scheduled shift end time until you are actually leaving for the day. Individuals working in the security industry likely realize that shift end times do not always occur as scheduled.

Enter the time that you start your shift again in the ‘time’ section of the log. State that you are on duty, and the name of the officer that you relieved. Report any pertinent information relayed by the officer that you relieve, such as maintenance issues and events. Enter the time of each round or reporting time in military time.

How to Write a Clear & Effective Daily Activity Report

Focus on simplicity and accuracy, record each round rather than completing the entire report at the end of the shift.

Dr. Mary Dowd states that the same principles apply when describing any event or incident, whether that activity involves discovering a wasp nest or burglars on the premises. Write a detailed narrative, describe each event or incident in detail. State the action that you took for every activity, event, or incident that occurred during the shift.

Using our IR template, you can see examples of good and bad reports below. View more incident report examples.

Example of an Incomplete Report

The report below is incomplete as it does not address major fields & the narrative does not describe the round in full detail.

Example of a Complete Report

The report below is complete as it does address major fields & the narrative effectively describes the round in full detail.

Take your Daily Activity Report to the Next Level

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