Features & Benefits

Main Features

Go Green

Going paperless increases your company's productivity & reduces your environmental impact. Shorten turnaround time.


Minimal user training required. The interface is easy to use & responsive. Incident reports that look & feel like legacy reports.

Mobile Reporting

NoteM8 offers real-time access to reports.  
Dictate your reports instead of typing. Write reports offline & upload later.

Data Input Methods

Most commonly used data input methods accommodated. We understand that no single method works best.

Daily Activity Log

Track security officer activities efficiently.
Officers record real-time events & data can be viewed by supervisors 24/7

Proactive Measures

Identify trends early & take action to protect yourself. There is an audit trail of all user actions available. Less human error.

e-Forms Customization

Ability to easily customize your forms. Make design changes on the go to fit your specific requirements & business needs. 

Full Confidentiality

Ability to mark a report confidential to restrict access if needed. You also assign roles & permissions to individual users.

Need help with Paperwork?

Discover how to automate your paper report process!

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Mobile Reporting that Seamlessly Integrates with Presynct_OnDemand

Our NoteM8 mobile app gives you access to Presynct_OnDemand whether you're online or offline.

Dictate your reports using your mobile device instead of typing your reports!

NoteM8 makes incident data management efficient, convenient, & moves more data in less time -- a complete investigative reporting software.

Download NoteM8 for iOS or Android

How NoteM8 works with Presynct_OnDemand


Our NoteM8 mobile application allows users to log daily activities, write incident reports & much more using their mobile devices on the go. Including attachments such as videos, photos, voice, etc.

Those reports are sent immediately or stored offline until the user is ready to send to company supervisors for review.

All finalized reports are then stored in a central database & can be viewed and printed by supervisors 24/7.

Real Life Industry Examples

Hospitality Security

Spike in Incidents
The LP director of the hotel noticed a spike in kitchen incidents based on analysis of data provided by Presynct software.  He brought this to the attention of the General Manager. They put together a safety training class for the kitchen staff.  After retraining the staff, safety improved and there was a significant drop in kitchen incidents.

Analyzing data to predict what scenarios are most likely to happen is a critical part of managing your hotel. But you must first electronically record the data, and that's where Presynct_OnDemand comes into play.

Private Security

Budget Cuts
An Ohio security department was facing budget cuts which meant reducing their data entry staff and using an antiquated and unsupported report writing system. The department wanted to keep their own report forms. But they also wanted to follow their Go Green initiatives. Presynct got them digital quickly using digital versions of their own forms in Presynct within budget and with minimal user retraining.

Law Enforcement

Security Breach
One Arizona police department was writing incident reports by hand on preprinted forms. The handwriting was hard to read. The paper forms created significant delays in processing. Sharing criminal activity details was difficult. Incident reports were not timely filed, and the paper forms caused security breaches and sometimes got lost.  They turned to Presynct for answers on how to go paperless.

Field Service Management

A California landscaping company needed to arm their Customer Service Agents with field service reporting on tablets to ensure a smooth customer support experience and timely updates. Maps were not only helpful but essential to ensure field service work was described and performed accurately. Using Presynct_OnDemand solved their problem and enhanced their overall business operation.

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