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Mistakes are easy with pen and paper. Presynct makes sure that your users are entering required data accurately and every time.


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Automated workflow means your team spends less time writing reports and more time in the field. Approve reports ASAP. No more lost paper reports.

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Ink and toner, paper, printers and copiers cost money. Go paperless today and watch your bottom line grow. And records storage needs drop fast.

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"Presynct is a VERY user friendly report writing software system. It is great having all the case file items in one place. It is very easy to work in Presynct from all areas in the department: Patrol, Investigations, and Records! The staff at Presynct are very helpful and knowledgeable and are quick to respond."

This product has exceeded my expectations. As a prior law enforcement officer, I had familiarity with several incident reporting products. Presynct is superior to other products... willingness to offer a customizable solution to meet your organizational needs.

Mary Gentry
Records Supervisor
San Ramon Police Department
Peter Spizzirri
Protective Force Operations Manager
Argonne National Laboratory

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